Our experienced, artistic and trained staff can conceive, design and set up your customized gym in a designated space of your choosing. In fact we can assist you in determining what room or rooms in your home or office can best accommodate your training needs and design the space and plan the layout accordingly.

Upon assessing your fitness needs and aspirations, we can propose the appropriate equipment to maximize the fruition of your fitness goals, find that equipment and install it while keeping the cost within your specified budget.   

We can create a comfortable, functional, efficient and ergonomically adherent gym that would provide a psychologically and physically comfortable training haven. The right home or office gym, properly designed, can inspire frequent and sensible training. The right facility combined with the right attitude, sensible goals and training regimen can lead to notable physical gains.

Choose one or a COMBINATION of our various themes and we will create an OPTIMUM FITNESS space  to accommodate your personality and training style.

Some like the clang of free weights and the invigorating rush of upbeat music. 
Some like the smooth quiet motion of machine equipment and the grounding flow of soft music. 
Some Love the reflective effect of exercising alone and some love the socializing benefits of training with family or friends 

Some like a combination of the above or something different altogether.

Whatever the preference, the right surroundings can be emotionally and spiritually uplifting and can inspire positive material change. 
A training space can be filled with equipment or sparsely furnished. Depending on your training style, preferences and fitness requirements...
The right space will inspire you


Kung Fu




One of the most prolific martial artists of all time and probably the most well known was Bruce Lee. November 27, 1940 - July 20, 1973. His training consisted primarily of isometric exercises with a focus on tight strength, fluidity of movement, speed and flexibility. Actually, there are numerous fighting styles under the umbrella of Kung Fu or Gung Fu. From his movies one will note Bruce Lee’s lightening speed and from his photographs and movies one will note his lean, flexible and well defined physique.

Whether your preference is the fluid like motion of Kung Fu, the contrasting rugged stances and striking power of the Karate styles, the grappling and throwing techniques of Aikido, the aggressive overtly combat sport styles such as Muay Thai or other Indochinese forms and the particular physical prowess and physical development that corresponds with training in the style preferred, you can benefit from the proper equipment and atmosphere in which to develop it.

You may spend a great deal of your training time in a professional dojo or martial arts facility but still desire a space at home in which to hone your skill privately and without distraction. We will design and outfit your space with the equipment required and create for you the proper routines customized to your particular fitness level and desired fighting style to achieve your martial arts fitness goals.

Consider the fighting disciplines and the philosophies that inspire them listed above and contact us regarding our fighting gym designs and how we can create an ideal martial arts training space for you.  

Masutatsu Oyama, July 27, 1923 - April 26, 1994  was the founder of Kyokushinkai which was considered the most influential and the first truly full contact Karate style. He had one of the most intense training programs in martial arts and demonstrated his strength and martial arts skill by fighting and even grappling to death, live young bulls!. Note the thick muscular build of Master Oyama during his prime.  The room or area where training takes place is known as the “Dojo” meaning “place of the way”.

Morihei Ueshiba, December 14, 1883 - April 26, 1969 created the fighting style Aikido. Master Ueshiba developed this style based upon his extensive study of and expertise in several fighting forms developing it linearly from Jujitsu. Aikido is a separate and distinctive form and is basically the martial art of grappling. The practice of Aikido consists of the redirection of the force applied by an opponent combining it with very little added force in order to achieve victory over an opponent yet limiting the injury sustained by all fighters. This style requires a great deal of inside skill given the intricate movements,  need for control of ones power and mental resolve while fighting. The training requisite of Aikido is the pursuit of all around physical fitness. Note that numerous photographs of Master Ueshiba reveal his conservative almost slight yet sturdy build and illustrate his ability to effortlessly subdue several opponents at once and easily control much larger opponents with a kindly, almost fatherly disposition toward them. Film star, accomplished martial artist and law man Steven Seagal is a 7th dan master or Shihan in this style.


martial arts

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in addition to our “martial arts” gym styles, we will be featuring Innovative gym designs in the near future such as our classical boxing gym, MMA gym and
         east coast, west coast training clubs.

                                                      In the meantime...

please submit the form below outlining your preference as to a gym style that you would like to see provided by our team.

after receiving your submission and engaging us, our team can create a home or office gym to provide you, your family or staff with your particular fitness needs.
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