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Spider (Chuck) Jones is a three time former Golden Glove Champion and an accomplished, award winning sports commentator and journalist. In 1996, Spider was voted "Boxing Commentator and M.C. of the Year" by the Board of Governors for the World Boxing Federation. He has boxed and trained with world boxing champions over several decades including his good friends Muhammad Ali and George Chuvalo.

Spider is an inductee in the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame as well as an author, having penned his inspirational life story “Out Of The Darkness”. Spider is a world renowned international motivational speaker and life coach. He is the host of his own award winning talk show “The Spider’s Web” running now for over 30 years, he can be seen and heard on numerous television and radio programs including the Casino Rama Grill Room on Sun TV, AM Talk 640, makes guest appearances on Fan 590 and hosts the television program “Famous Knockouts” with his friend George Chuvalo. Spider has a second book coming out this fall entitled “The Predator Within”. Click Here to access more about Spider (Chuck) Jones and motivational spot “Believe to Achieve”. Spider can be contacted at spider@positranfitness.com

Paul Luis “Mr. Natural” is a 7 time National Natural Bodybuilding Champion, sixth world rated natural bodybuilding title holder, professional bodybuilder, fitness coach, wrestling champion and trainer of champions. He has been featured on Rogers TV network, ESPN and TSN. His straightforward, no nonsense and sensible training style and attitude of “slow and steady wins the race” has served him in his climb to the very top of the fitness industry and has effectively assisted him in preparing his students, both professional and amateur alike, to achieve their athletic goals. Paul is a pioneer in the training of athletes over 40 years of age and still inspires his students with continued professional fitness and bodybuilding success.  Email Paul at paul@positranfitness.com to inquire about the effective training services he provides

Charles Konstantine is one of the original founders of Positran Fitness who now remains on as a consultant. He is a military trained medic with over 25 years experience in physical fitness training, fitness nutrition, nursing care and rehabilitation. He has studied Shotokan Karate and subscribes to military style fitness training. His dream was to create a resource through which fitness enthusiasts and persons wanting to achieve vibrant health and “functional fitness” could plan, pursue and achieve their fitness aspirations. Charles achieved indispensable practical medical skills through his paramedical training in the military and while working with his father who specialized in physiotherapy/rehabilitation. Charles developed a keen understanding and interest in the health and fitness of older training enthusiasts and athletes during the time he was dedicated to providing intensive nursing care in and out of hospital to his father who became neurologically disabled later in his life. Given his background and training, Charles has a unique ability of discerning underlying medical, physiological and functional issues that fitness enthusiasts may be concerned with and directing them to the proper course of action and/or expert to maximize recovery, strength, fitness level and overall success. Email Charles at charles@positranfitness.com and inquire about his unique training and consultation services

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             Dr. Austin and his staff are currently taking on new patients. If you are in pain, injured or impeded physically in any way, Trigenics® may be for you.

Fill out the form below and click on “submit” so that we may arrange for your consideration to attend Dr. Austin’s Trigenics® Institute of Functional Muscle Neurology.

Dr. Allan Austin, DO, DC, NMD, DAc, CCSP®, CCRD, CFIS, Phd.

Dr. Allan Oolo Austin is the originator of the revolutionary curative rehabilitation methodology known internationally as Trigenics® Functional Muscle Neurology.  He began formulating Trigenics® in the 1980's and developed the formal system of Trigenics® in 1994 in Los Angeles .

Dr. Austin is an Osteopathic Physician and Chiropractor with a PhD in Manual Medicine. He is also a Certified Sports Physician, Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist, Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor, a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and a licensed Acupuncturist. He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture, and a Diplomat of the American Board of Chiropractic Examiners. He currently sits on the World Board of Natural Medicine as one of the directors. He is also the owner of the Trigenics® Physio- Rehab group of clinics.  Dr. Austin is an avid competitive martial artist and tournament champion possessing black belts in several fighting styles.

Dr. Austin has received acclaim as a “Doctor to the Stars” and has worked with and treated numerous elite athletes and celebrities from Sting, John Cusack, Jon Bon Jovi, David Bowie and Paul Stanley of Kiss to Canadian Gold Medalist Sprinter Glenroy Gilbert and World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Lennox Lewis. He has officially worked as a sports doctor at a number of Olympic and World games and continues to be sought after by numerous elite athletes from many countries.  

Dr Austin has taught as a professor for many institutions over the years including Tallinn University , Dept. of Sports and Health Sciences. His Trigenics functional muscle neurology program is co-sponsored by National University in Chicago . He currently travels the world teaching Trigenics to doctors, therapists, trainers and coaches. There are over 20 countries worldwide which now have Trigenics practitioners. Click Here to access Dr. Austin’s Trigenics Treatment Centre Link and a short video in which Dr. Austin’s describes Trigenics®.


   “Out Of The Darkness” The Spider Jones Story

Follow Spider Jones’ life from his early years, enduring poverty and starvation, surviving the violent streets of Detroit, gang running wrought with danger and death and witness with him his tragic loss of family and others close to him. Climb with him in the ranks of the boxing world sparring with his friends Muhammad Ali and George Chuvalo, and his becoming Golden Gloves Champion three times.

Walk with Spider as he fought racism and struggled with a learning disability, both of which leveled his self esteem and had him doubting himself. Share his epiphany as he chose to dream big and with renewed faith in his dreams and aspirations, applied himself to his talents, took on the task of a higher education, established himself as a sports legend and was inducted into the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame.

Finally enjoy his triumph and success in the media Industry internationally and as an award winning sports commentator and radio and TV personality.

Every young person should be aware of and learn from the experiences, mistakes, suffering, overcoming and growth of their predecessors and through this book, valuable life lessons are conveyed by Spider himself. Through a clear narrative style, Spider gently yet sternly mentors the reader inspiring them to take up the courage to realize their own dreams. “Every mother’s child should read this book” and be moved to action and success by it.

Read Spider (Chuck) Jones’ heart rending, inspirational autobiography: “Out of The Darkness - The Spider Jones Story” soon to be a motion picture, and see for yourself that “If you dream big, if you have a plan and stick with it, the world is yours”. Learn first hand why Spider Jones is known as “Mr. Inspiration”.

                                                                                                  The “Spidercise” Fitness Program

                                To achieve your “fighting weight” and turn your body into a fat burning machine while achieving confidence and vibrant fitness or

                                           Meet Spider (Chuck) Jones and have him speak at your function, just  contact us by filling out and submitting the form below. 

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Below see part of the ever growing gallery of celebrities, historical figures and “movers and shakers” that Spider Jones has shared influence and inspiration with over the years and currently!

                                           SPIDER (CHUCK) JONES

Spider has interviewed, learned from, advised, mentored, motivated and inspired the best and greatest from musicians like Smokey Robinson, athletes like Muhammad Ali to world changing figures like Bishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela!           

And The List Goes On....

   Spider visiting with friend Russell Peters in L.A

Spider with singer Frankie Valli

              Spider with his friend

musician and singer Smokey Robinson

Spider and the “greatest” fighter of all time Muhammad Ali

                            was founded by and is comprised of individuals that possess a passion for physical fitness and training, have backgrounds in mainstream medicine, rehabilitation and fitness nutrition, have experience in a myriad of physical training techniques, bodybuilding and the martial arts and are themselves accomplished athletes and mentors.

                            strives to provide the information, tutelage, focus and inspiration so vitally required to achieve the body, state of fitness and vibrant health sought by its clients.

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