For various reasons, some of the most successful fitness enthusiasts and athletes are either not able to train and develop their talents in public facilities or prefer not to. Rather, such athletes, as do many training, bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, begin their training and continue to train in the comfort of their own homes for years, if not for life. At times they may attend public gyms but their mainstay is exercising at home.

There are particular fitness benefits that can be derived from one on one personal training when such instruction and tutelage takes place in the comfort of one’s own home, or corporate office.

                                        ONE on ONE or GROUP IN HOME/IN OFFICE PERSONAL TRAINING

We provide ONE on ONE or GROUP in home/in office personal training services through which we furnish our clients with all inclusive training and nutrition programs for any aspiration that the client may have whether it be weight loss, bodybuilding, strength development, functional rehabilitation, toning up for a vacation or special occasion or any other fitness endeavour.

Once an appointment is made, a Positran personal trainer will attend at your home, and bring with them all the equipment needed to put you through the most effective training sessions that will leave you refreshed and revitalized. We will prepare for you a customized fitness regimen and nutrition program to meet your fitness aspirations and optimize your fitness level. 

Click on the corresponding “Event Services” hyperlink to peruse a list of the various services, programs and occasions for which we provide in home personal training. We have the fitness expertise to create a personalized regimen for virtually any occasion or need.

                                                              POSITRAN TRAVEL TRAINING

If you are on the road, on vacation or going to be, you may foresee that you will have virtually no time to get to the gym or that there are no adequate gym facilities available for you to continue your training. We can instruct you as to how, when and what you need in order to maintain your training regimen or even make fitness gains while on the road. We will teach you how to take advantage of the lack of formal exercise facilities to stimulate greater fitness gains. In essence we can turn what would ordinarily be downtime into a productive fitness experience that may enhance your vacation or trip of any kind.   

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                                                   What you need for In Home/In Office Personal Training

Not much! You do not need a home or office Gym to partake of stellar in home or in office personal training. In fact, astounding physical transformations and very high levels of fitness can be achieved with minimal equipment.

Upon our attending and assessing your fitness needs a determination is made as to what equipment is needed based on your fitness level, personal desires and personal preferences. Your trainer will bring with him or her the necessary equipment required to help you achieve your fitness needs and if required, we will obtain for you the necessary equipment that you will be using during your training sessions.

If it is your desire to have a properly equipped home gym to accommodate advanced or discerning training desires, please see our “Home Gym Design by clicking on that name highlighted in this text or the link so named above.

However, an actual home gym is not required for effective In Home/In Office Personal Training.
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